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The monitoring solution for your pipelines.

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Available models:

Standard Definition (STD)

An 8-channel gPIMS® ring kit for standard applications with up to 50m of cable.

Enhanced Focusing Capability (EFC)

A 16-channel gPIMS® ring kit with enhanced characteristics for applications in higher consequence areas.


EFC with ATEX (EX)

An ATEX/IECEx certified 16-channel gPIMS® ring kit for use in restricted areas where hazardous atmospheres may be present.

Key Advantages:


Save on Reinspection Cost

The one-off installation of gPIMS® means that difficult to access pipes can be easily re-inspected without heavy financial investment into unnecessary access gaining.


Plug & Collect Data

Simply plug any 4th generation Wavemaker® system into the weatherproof connection box to rapidly collect data within minutes.



Advanced Signal Processing

Using WavePro and the gPIMS® Corrosion Monitoring software, test sensitivities better than 1% equivalent cross-section change can be achieved.



Corrosion Rate Monitoring

With frequent data collection, corrosion rate can be monitored and the data can be input into preferred asset integrity management system.


In many situations, the cost of accessing a pipe is much higher than the cost of inspection. This access cost can make repeat inspections with removable rings prohibitively expensive. The environmentally robust gPIMS® range of sensors has been developed to be easily bonded onto the pipe, sealed and then left in place. A cable connects the gPIMS® sensor to a connection box that can be located in a convenient, easy to access location.


By performing repeat inspections and comparing the results to previous inspections, operators can monitor for any change in the condition of the pipe. Frequent data collection significantly improves sensitivity and reduces false call rates compared to conventional guided wave testing (GWT).

Design Features:


Number of Channels

Available Pipe Sizes (NPS)

Operating Temperature

Radial Clearance

Transduction System Compatibility


Up to 8

3" to 24"

-40oC to 90oC

1 inch (25 mm)

Wavemaker® G4 & G4mini (Full,GC)


Up to 16

6" to 48"

-40oC to 90oC

1 inch (25 mm)

Wavemaker® G4 & G4mini (Full,GC)


Up to 16

6" to 24"

-40oC to 90oC

1 inch (25 mm)

Wavemaker® G4 & G4mini (Full,GC) connected via a certified interface